TSB10 – 7 Key Traits of Successful People

by Jorge Gasca

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Show Notes:

If there’s something we all want it’s success.

Everyone wants to succeed in the specific field they have chosen. All entrepreneurs  love their field, but love isn’t enough. There are certain characteristics you must embody and certain signs you must watch for in order to truly be successful.

As such,  I took a step back to examine what I and other successful people have in common.

Here are 7 key traits of successful people…


1. Leadership

Successful people can demonstrate leadership.

If you wanted to succeed and have  your employees, contractors and partners follow you with dedication, you need to be a strong role model.

A leader who has earned the trust of everyone, who encourages others to follow his lead, and knows every aspect of his business will find success.


2. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is almost as important as leadership. It’s what sparks the  fire.

Passion keeps you and your business moving forward.

A good leader must be passionate about his work. He must influence his employees to share in his passion…a passion to  stay late and do the dirty work necessary to find success.


3. Confidence

Passion for what you do is great, but without the confidence to back it up, passion won’t get you very far.

Successful men and women have confidence in themselves and they inspire confidence in others.  That confidence is key  earning the trust and best efforts of your employees.

For example, successful negotiations, the kind that help the growth of you and your company,  are based on confidence and passion. When you own these two keys success will follow.


4. Resilience

All businesses encounter difficulties.

No business can forever avoid turmoil.

When times are tough successful people show  unwavering faith. A good, successful leader must carry himself in a calm, focused manner, filling his team faith that the storm will pass.


5. Analytic

Successful people can look at the numbers and interpret them. Have a review system,stay ahead of the game and keep your eyes on the prize.

As Gary Vaynerchuck says, the only reason why he is more successful than his peers  is because he can foresee what is going to happen based on the numbers and make decisions accordingly.

A successful leader can convince their employees to keep their eyes on the prize. Keep the team informed of your goals and be able to lay out  measurable, step-by-step plans to reach them.

Success is unachievable without proper measurement. Be able to numerically follow the ups and downs of your business.


6. Creative

You must keep a creative mind to think of ways to improve your business, that includes expansion and enhancement. You must also know when a certain strategy or idea is no longer working or relevant. Regular evaluation paired with creative thinking will help your business maximize its success.


7. Committed

This is our last key. Commit yourself to excellence in everything you do.

Stick to your standards without compromise.

This is an fundamental characteristic of any successful person.

A  who settles for second-best will eventually form a habit for doing so. As the head of the business you must be able to inspire your team to commit to excellence in all areas, including the small details.

Set the bar for personal excellence as high as you can. Commit to it and your team will follow.


So, there you have it, those are the 7 keys to being successful

In looking at these character traits, you may begin to doubt your ability for success. To think: I’m not that kind of person.

But, keep in mind these key qualities can be developed.

Not every successful person is a born with the right tools from day one.

Whether you’re a born leader, developing  leader, or an aspiring leader, keep in mind that a successful person  never stops trying to improve themselves and others around them.


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