TSB21 – 7 Tips to stay motivated while running your business

by Jorge Gasca


On this Podcast

  • How to stay motivated and create long lasting momentum
  • Quick tips to make sure you keep going!!


Show Notes

Have you ever lost your way while working towards a goal?

When working towards a goal, it’s not enough to simply ‘want it.’ You have to keep yourself constantly motivated to stay focused.

1. Keep the Momentum Rolling

An object at rest stays at rest. It’s easy to give up a goal when you take too long of a break from it. Take daily action towards your goal and keep the momentum going.


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2. Coerce Confidence

When setting a big goal, the fear of failure can contaminate the mind. Reflect on past effort, success and achievement to facilitate the healthy growth of confidence. If necessary, write down a list of positives to keep your brain centred on the good rather than bad.


3. Consider the Evidence

It’s a lot easier to stay motivated when you can see just how much progress you’ve made. Keep track of your accomplishments so that any time you feel like giving up, you can look back on a body of work that says “keep going!”


4. Make It Positive

Positive goals are better than negative ones, plain and simple. Turn that frown upside down and find the good in every journey.


5. Getting Around the Obstacles

There are always going to be obstacles on the journey, with some looming larger than others. Remember that an obstacle is nothing more than a temporary challenge. When you hit a roadblock, review roadmap you’ve created for reaching your goal and find an alternate route.


6. Make the Most of Mistakes

When you make a mistake don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, look at the situation objectively. Why did the mistake happen? Where did it come from? Analyse it and learn for the future.


7. Ask for Help

Plenty of people try to do everything themselves rather than ask for help. It’s incredibly hard to achieve a goal without any support whatsoever. Identify some people early on who can help you during a time of need.

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