How to Reduce 80% of Your Daily Team Questions

by Jorge Gasca


Sometimes it’s very interesting what can change in a couple of weeks.

I wanted to share with you a particular learning that we had from our TSB Team Congress. We had a really amazing time. For those who don’t know, I run a remote team – some of them are based remotely in different regions of the Philippines, and there’s one that lives in the UK. She even flew all the way from her hometown to meet us in the Philippines which was very, very exciting. It was actually the first time that I had the full team, everyone in person, meeting in the same place. It was really very exciting!

Communication is Key

The biggest learning from this gathering was that one of our biggest challenges was all about communication – a simple thing that can be solved by a simple system. It is called the 5 W’s and a H.

Basically they are the What, Why, When, Where, Who and then the How, which is the H. Quite a simple framework that we started implementing in the team and it has already removed quite a lot of issues and miscommunications and problems that we were having when we were talking to each other and when we we handing over jobs from one to another remotely.

Documenting with 5 Ws and H

If you look at what we do, we do marketing automation and systematization of businesses. It’s a simple system that you could implement in your business today. To solve 80% of miscommunications that happen throughout every single process on it, you can document a process with the 5 W’s and the H.

To break it down, it’s answering WHAT is the process? WHY is it important? WHO is going to accomplish them? WHEN does this process take place or when is it needed to be finished?  WHERE does the process need to take place? HOW should the people execute the process?

Writing all these down and continuing to refine them is what’s important to make the whole process successful. Keep in mind, the 5 W’s and an H as a system is very simple to implement and it can solve 80% of the problems of communication and productivity of your team!

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