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by Jorge Gasca


I was just coming back this morning from a networking event in the city here in Sydney. I realised that one of the most common challenges for people is that they spend a lot of time trying to get leads.

For example, I was in a conversation with someone and he was saying, “Oh we generate leads all the time and we have about at least about 800 people and they’ve been sitting there and nothing happens to them.”

Based on that conversation, it’s safe to assume one of the most important things in marketing automation is the nurturing side of things – not just collecting a lot of leads. Yes, a critical part of marketing automation is sending emails, but what do we write on those emails exactly? That’s what I want to discuss today.

1.Nurturing Emails

One of the most important email is all about nurturing. One of the biggest problems is that people get all these leads, put them into the database, but nothing happens with them. There’s not even a thank you email or anything.

They get a really happy that they generate leads but in reality which one of those leads is actually ready to buy? It comes down back to those five signals that I always talk about – the customer data, the information, the opens, the clicks, the purchase data and the visits to your website. It’s all about all those different signals that determine how ready that person is.

Email nurturing is a critical part of what we need to email to our clients. So what is nurturing exactly? Nurturing is telling our clients about ourselves. It’s building the trust with them for them to work with us at some point, once that trust is built.

2. Transactional Emails

Second type of email that you need to send are transactional emails. Quick but sincere thank you emails explaining to them what they just did. It’s pretty much congratulating someone for an action while thinking of the next action that is going happen after that.

For example, I go into your website, I fill in a contact form, you should then send an email that says thank you but also find a way to insert the next action. It can be as simple as “Thank you for signing up. Please expect a call within 24 hours.” With this, you now have a process to remind someone within 24 hours.

3. Sales Emails

Number three, sales emails. For those that are actually ready to buy, you want to start triggering emails that start telling them about the product. Not sales lead, just looking for a conversation but sales conversational emails that will convince them even more to purchase.


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