3 Weird Feelings When Systemising

by Jorge Gasca

          Today, I want to talk to you about feelings.

          When your systemising and automating your business and a lot of the processes within it, there’s a lot of things that you go through. Feelings of anxiety, of losing control, and a few other things.

          So I’ve identified three feelings that are the main ones, that you’re going experience while implementing automation and systemising your business and more importantly, how you can overcome and conquer them.


1. Fear of Technology

We are fearful of technology. We think that if we press a button the world is going to explode, that everything is going to go wrong. The truth is that, that’s not gonna happen. Of course technology can go wrong, but it’s not going to kill your business nor create a major issue.

Maybe things can go wrong here and there, but it’s okay to make mistakes. That’s why I say all this is test and measure. The biggest thing that you could do to ensure you’re not fearful of technology, is to do it and use it yourself.

You can get someone to do it for you, professionally, like us, for example. But what I am getting at is, if someone else is doing it for you, make sure that they have quality processes and quality assurance as well. This is whatever they give submit, you can guarantee it is tested and more importantly,  it works.

Another way to get rid of that feeling, is to actually test it yourself once it’s delivered to you. If you’re not happy with the experience, then you can always send it back. I often say a process is a black box, so ensure that you know what’s inside the black box, you know how it works, and you know what needs to happen inside the black box so you can actually test the process.

2. Fear of Losing Control

Second feeling is losing control – which is an interesting one because when you’re losing control that really only means the business is getting systemised.

We all want to be in business so the business works for us, instead of us working for the business, right? System and automation allows you to do that! So as soon as you have a system, you will be able to put people into it, or later run by itself – which means you’re not really losing control.

What you need to understand is that there’s still some level of control that you want to keep, and whatever process you design, always design at looking into having control over the process, rather than the process running you. This way, whatever you automate, you know what the process is exactly. That will release that fear of losing control because you know what it’s in it and you’re educated about it.

There’s nothing worse than you telling someone, “Can you set up this automation for me?” They can set it up but you have no idea how it works and what it does for you, so always keep that in mind.

3. Sense of Freedom

Last, which is the greatest feeling that you will get after after overcoming the fear of technology and overcoming that fear of losing control, you will reach which is the main outcome of automation – a sense of freedom.

You will be confident that it works and that you can put any pressure in the system and still be in control of the entire process. You will know that you will be able to drive as many leads as you want as soon as you can serve them, and the system wouldn’t fail, ultimately giving you freedom.

Being confident in the system and automation will let you have freedom to scale, to be able to increase your profits and to hire people to do the job for you.

Final Word

          I hope identifying those feelings was helpful for your business. If you are in the process of systemising and putting technology in it, I hope that it was useful for you to think of those three feelings and that we reassured what you’re experiencing. More importantly, that you now know how to overcome them.


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