The One Thing You Must Ignore When in Business

by Jorge Gasca


When crafting a message for your customers, you need to ignore one thing:


Yes, You! You must ignore yourself because you are not the target audience.

Every message that you transmit needs to be tailored to the customer’s needs and clearly communicate how your business helps them achieve their goals.

If you read the above carefully, I placed emphasis on the word “need.” Focus on what customers need not want. Remember what Henry Ford said:

what's in it for me

To understand what your customer needs, use the WIIFM test. (“What Is In It For Me”)

The best way to answer the What Is In It For Me question is to clearly emphasize the benefits of your offer. After that, explain briefly how your product or service is different from those of your competitors. It needs to demonstrate how your offer better meets your customers’ needs. If you can communicate this effectively, you will answer the ultimate question.


Why Your Customers Ask “What Is In It For Me”

An article from the American Association of Advertising Agencies claims that we are exposed to about 600 advertisements per day! Every second that you’re on the internet, watching TV, driving or listening to the radio, you’re exposed these messages.

In years past, there was far less advertising noise. There was far more time and space to present your message to the customer. Due to the ad-clutter of today, your message needs to speak louder, clearer, and faster then ever before.

Your company needs to stand above the rest.

“What Is In It For Me” is the critical question that customers are asking when they encounter a marketing message such as yours. If the answer isn’t given quickly and satisfactorily, they’ll move on.

What's in it for me


“The What Is In It For Me” Correct Answer =  Benefits

The central theme of your message should be the benefits offered.

Don’t confuse benefits with features: don’t describe the features of the product.

Instead, describe the result that the customer experiences by using the product or service.

In other words, explain how it solves their problem.

Your WIIFM answer is what a potential customer is looking for when they encounter you, your product, and the message you want to transmit.

Don’t assume that because you understand it, everyone else does also. The message must be clear and simple.

Remember, the only thing you need to ignore on your business is YOU!

Look outside and you will find your answer.

What was on this for you?


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