Is Your Unique Value Proposition Turning Your Customers Away?

by Jorge Gasca

I’ve spoken in other articles about the unique value proposition and why it is so important.

In summary, it’s all about communication…But communication can go very wrong!


In the Harvard Business Review blog I found an article by Keith Ferrazzi called ‘How to Avoid Virtual Communication’ in which he mentions a  book called “The 5 Love Languages” by author Gary Chapman.

 Gary Chapman describes five different preferences people can have for expressions of love — affirming words, quality time, purchased gifts, acts of service and physical contact.

This translates to business in that speaking the right language to the right person will help you get your message across with far less effort.

In business this translates to closing more deals and forming better relationships with customers simply because they will understand exactly what your message means to them (remember this is not about you).


There are the Top 5 Mistakes I see people make when presenting an Unique Value Proposition… 

UVP Mistake 1: Too Wordy

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An Unique Value Proposition is a phrase not a paragraph.

When somebody lands to your website, you have 3 seconds to transmit your message…How many words can you read in three seconds?

Your potential and existing customers need to be able to digest the benefit of your business at a glance:

A quick and easy to read statement is all you need. The less words the better.

UVP Mistake 2: Out of Focus

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One of the dangers of poor communication is frustration and frustration comes about when you don’t listen to your audience. 

When you are communicating your business message, always make sure to listen to what your audience wants. Once you’ve heard what they want…deliver it to them.

Know your audience, listen to what they want and fine tune your message to those who are interested…It will save you, and your business, unnecessary aggravation.

UVP Mistake 3: Not Unique

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The U in UVP stands for ‘unique‘ and that’s what your proposition needs to be.

Your proposition separates yourself from what the competition is offering. Check out your competition to see what they offer so that you can figure out how you can set yourself apart.


UVP Mistake 4: The Wrong Message

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Let’s say you have identified a target, developed a unique message and kept it short…is it transmitting the right message?

Your UVP needs to resonate with the market, otherwise it won’t have the desired effect.

Appeal to your market’s desires and feelings. Make an effort to understand your market. Know your customers and how they feel about the companies they patronize.

How will they perceive your product after reading the UVP?


UVP Mistake 5: Set It and Forget It

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Finally, over time your audience changes and your business evolves.

A unique value proposition will change over time too. You may be able to use the same one for years, but trends and market conditions eventually change.

Keep listening to your customers and make changes to your UVP whenever  it becomes necessary.

Do you have Your Unique Value Proposition in check?


Jorge Gasca

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