TSB18 – Getting Right Google Adwords with Ilana Wechsler

by Jorge Gasca

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On this podcast, Ilana Wechsler, a Certified Google Partner and a Pay-Per-Click Expert and Coach, will tell us the importance of Google Adwords to your business. Why choose to invest time and money to learn Google Adwords when you have SEO and social media to make people know who you are and what you do? Listen to this podcast and get more tips from the Google AdWords expert herself. Here are some of the points in the podcast.

  • Know what you are trying to achieve
  • Know why conversion is important
  • Structure in your Adwords account is fundamental


What is Google Adwords?

Some of you may or may not know what Ilana Weschler discusses with us about Google AdWords. So, I thought of give you an overview of what Adwords is all about and how it can positively impact your business. For starters, we all know that Google is the most famous search engine. With this status, Google even became a verb, If you need to know the recipe for your favorite cake, Google it. Even if you are feeling sick you’d Google it!


With this status, Google devised a way to help website owners to get their business recognized (and also create a whole business model), and that is what Google AdWords is. Don’t be misled by thinking that Google AdWords will make your life easier.


As Ilana puts it,

Google makes it incredibly easy to sign up to Google AdWords but incredibly difficult to make it right. #tsb Share on X

But with proper guidance and wonderful people like Ilana, you and me can give it a go and actually get it right.


Let’s now define one of the terms that you’ll be hearing (if you listened to the podcast) or reading today. PPC is also known as Pay-Per-Click. It is a marketing strategy where website owners pay Google so that their website will be on top of the search results when a certain keyword is searched. PPC is also known as paid traffic.


What is Google AdWords relation to PPC?


Google lets you choose certain keywords that relate to your website. This way, Google AdWords is way better than getting 100 Facebook likes. It’s definitely worth getting it right but the thing is, not everyone gets it the first time.


In Google AdWords, you pay Google so you can get potential leads. This also includes paying leads because Google, as mentioned above, is our go-to-place when we are looking for answers. If your website is on top of the search results, there is a higher possibility that your website will be visited by people.


Another term that we should take in mind is conversion. Conversion means that we are getting people and making them our leads. The more conversions, the more business you are going to get.


Talking about conversion, this is where you need to know what you want or what you are trying to achieve. Because even if you are paying Google a huge amount of money for your website to be displayed in the search results, if the content of the website is not good enough for the visitor to be converted into a lead, then you are wasting money using Google AdWords or even blogging (well depends on the objective, if it is for leisure it may be alright :))


Google AdWords also has the Ad Groups option. Ad Groups is more detailed and it prefers to have a few keywords that generate more traffic compared to lots of keywords that do not generate that much traffic. One of the major mistakes people using Google AdWords do is they throw lots of totally unrelated keywords. This way, the traffic behaves differently. Google AdWords also has the capacity to restrict your ad to a specific location by adding a specific location where you wanted your website to be seen.


Google AdWords is a very powerful tool that Google devised. Using it can either help you in your business or give you credit card debts. Seek and know how to use it effectively so you can use this powerful tool to its maximum potential.

Make sure you check out Ilana’s course where she explains everything about how the system works and expands on what we spoke about on this episode.


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Ilana’s Website: http://www.greenarrowdigital.com

Ilana’s Course: Google Adwords Training – A beginners guide to profitable Ads

Ilana’s Checklist to get Adwords Right: Click below to download

[file_download style=”1″][download title=”Setting%20Up%20Google%20Adwords%20the%20Right%20Way” icon=”style1-Pdf-64×64.png” file=”https://threestepsbusiness.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/TSB18-Ilana-Wechsler-Google-Adwords-Audit-Checklist.pdf” package=”” level=”” new_window=”Y”]Google%20Adwords%20audit%20checklist[/download][/file_download]


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