How to Scale Your Business with Marketing Automation

by Jorge Gasca

Internet marketing automation is all about turning prospects into satisfied, paying customers. When done right it is a highly effective strategy for companies to achieve a high return on investment. It is an effective tactic to nurture prospects by offering them valuable content. While it may not be the easiest marketing solution to apply, it is a great way to scale your business due to its numerous benefits.

Top 3 benefits of internet marketing automation

Internet marketing automation provides valuable benefits to all kinds of business. These are the top three benefits you may find highly useful in the process of scaling your business:

1. Running complex marketing campaigns easily

If set up properly you can use internet marketing automation as an effective tool for scaling your business. It is equally useful for both large companies and small start-up businesses, especially when running complex marketing campaigns.

2. Effective time-management and connecting with customers on a personalized level

Regardless of the size of the company, this valuable tool provides effective time-management and the possibility to connect with customers on a specific, personalized level.

3. Maintaining a consistent brand presence and contacting customers on a regular basis  

When it comes to the main benefits of marketing automation, it’s about maintaining a consistent brand presence and reaching out to your customers on a regular basis. It is about communicating effectively and building valuable relationships that will help you grow and expand your business.

How does Internet marketing automation make connecting and contacting customers simple and easy?

Marketing automation simplifies reaching potential leads and helps in creating thorough customer profiles. This refers to you not having to connect with each lead by manually writing emails or Facebook posts. Contacting and connecting with every potential client or customer can be time-consuming and exhausting. Automated marketing saves you time and helps you quickly interact with new (potential) customers from the very beginning.


Once the online visitor signs up to receive your latest offers and newsletters, your automated marketing solution will send them a welcome message. Furthermore, you can set the solution to send surveys or discount coupons to certain customers, as you prefer.

Internet marketing automation provides you with the opportunity to create detailed consumer profiles. The essence of the automated solution is collecting information based on consumer preferences, past purchases and email responses. This makes it easy and simple to connect with consumers effectively, at any time, which is one of the best ways to scale your business.

Scale your business by managing your online presence successfully  

Internet marketing automation makes communication with customers simple and easy by helping you maintain a continuous online presence. For example, if you manually post information about your latest product or service on social networks, you may not be able to do this consistently. Manually posting offers or statements on Facebook and Twitter daily may not be possible due to your job duties or frequent traveling.

If you have scheduled your posts to show up automatically on social platforms, internet users will know that you are actively engaged and constantly present. Your account will be up to date and you can scale your business by successfully managing the communication with your customers.

Scale your business by ensuring permanent brand presence on popular social platforms using internet marketing automation

Marketing automation helps you sort out your existing or potential customers more easily, based on their unique preferences. Instead of having to separate them manually, you can use marketing automation to create certain restrictions that will automatically sort out your customers. After that, each customer will start receiving posts that are relevant to them personally. This is especially valuable if you offer several brands and products/services.

Speaking of brands, internet marketing automation helps your business attract customers by ensuring permanent brand presence on popular social platforms. It assists you in maintaining brand visibility through timely Facebook or Twitter posts, without you having to do anything manually.

Automating your marketing can help you save money and valuable time while helping potential customers identify your brand more easily. Being constantly present online through your brand allows people to contact you in the way they consider the most convenient.

Scale your business effectively by lowering your costs using internet marketing automation

When focusing on scaling your business, the very first thing to consider is lowering your costs. Automated marketing helps you save a significant amount of money by transforming your marketing from a manual affair to an automated passive income generator. You no longer have to invest a fortune in attracting customers manually – your modern marketing solution will do it for you.

The best example is using email to sell for you, automatically, while you sleep. Just create a simple email automation campaign. You can set up three or four emails to be sent out in a certain time frame to every person that subscribes, with each following email going further in nudging them towards a purchase.


Internet automation can also help you run a complex email automation campaign. Such campaigns can include complex decision matrices. For example, when the online visitor registers to become a special member, they can receive an email with certain benefits. They can be allowed to download an e-book for free or receive a unique code for a special discount.

Moreover, with marketing automation, you and your company can focus on maintaining positive relations with existing customers and reaching out to potential customers at lower costs. Posting a thought or an attractive offer automatically is almost cost-free and will be viewed by people from all over the world. On the other hand, a pricey ad or a TV commercial may only reach a certain audience living in a specific area.

Automated marketing helps you calibrate marketing and sales. With the possibility to track customer interaction with web content and timely offers, you can harmonize your marketing and sales tactics. This calibration is of high importance for every entrepreneur who wants to scale their business effectively.

Track customers’ behavior through digital clues and scale your business

If you want to scale your business, it is always crucial to focus on creating better relationships with your customers. Marketing has changed significantly over the last few years, along with the expansion of the Internet. Potential customers now have free access to information online – they can read reviews, get feedback, find referrals and more. They are usually well prepared before making the first contact with you or your company.


An internet marketing automation solution allows you to track how potential customers interact with your offers. Digital clues, like website visits, clicks, downloads and other data, can give you valuable information about your prospect’s preferences. That is how you can contact them in a timely manner and send them proper marketing messages which can largely affect their decision to make a purchase.

Marketing automation is your key to success

There is no better marketing solution than the one which makes every prospect and customer feel important. Internet marketing automation provides you with the opportunity to add a personal touch to your communication with potential buyers. By responding automatically, you help them get positive feelings about your company or brand.

Regardless of how your business expands, a well-integrated marketing automation solution helps you manage your campaigns more easily and attract more buyers. A good automated solution can increase the overall customer experience and handle numerous contacts with minimum effort, at lower costs. That is exactly what it takes to scale up a business and increase profits.

Are you confused? Don’t know where to start? 

You’re in the right place. If you understand the benefits of automated and scalable internet marketing, but have no clue how to make the next step – you’re in luck! We have spent years helping people just like you automate their marketing, and scale as their businesses grew.

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