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Our Implementation programs help you design and implement a Proactive Automated Response System to save you time, increase visibility and speed up your delivery

Gone are the days in which you need to figure it all out on your own!

Or going through endless video training to get things done!

We are a team of Certified Consultants from ActiveCampaign dedicated to working on this platform day in and day out.

We know exactly what buttons to push. If you need ongoing help and training on ActiveCampaign we are your team.

Working Together

Three Steps Business offers education, consulting, and support to help your business grow and succeed.

Done For You Programs

Speed up the process, get a full end to end automated system over the next 6 months with our proven frameworks

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Let us  do support you on an ongoing basis with the technical heavy lifting on your ActiveCampaign Account

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  Sometimes it's very interesting what can change in a couple of weeks. I wanted to share with you a particular learning that we had from our TSB Team Congress. We had a really amazing time. For those who don’t know, I run a remote team - some of them are based...

How to Plan Your Automation and Systems Strategy

  Something significant struck me recently -  it is all about continuous improvement for processes, and systems, and that you are based on continuous improvement. We often think that we want to set up a system or an automation and basically get it done and dusted -...

Email Types

  I was just coming back this morning from a networking event in the city here in Sydney. I realised that one of the most common challenges for people is that they spend a lot of time trying to get leads. For example, I was in a conversation with someone and he was...

3 Weird Feelings When Systemising

          Today, I want to talk to you about feelings.           When your systemising and automating your business and a lot of the processes within it, there's a lot of things that you go through. Feelings of anxiety, of losing control, and a few other things.      ...

Three Elements of Automation

                Hey guys! I just wanted to make a quick video from a pretty cool experience I had this week.           Unfortunately last week, my car got hit by another car in a car park. Interestingly, I raised a claim, an insurance claim which I haven't done here...

5 Cornerstones of Marketing Automation

??? I just want to share with you a common misconception that often come from clients that I speak with about this industry - that marketing automation is all about saving us time with sending emails. The reality is email marketing and sending emails is a critical...


Happy customers.

"We now have automated processes which allows our client to follow the system which is the solution. This saves everyone hassle and time because it's a uniformed process."


Jack Milling

InXpress North Shore

"Jorge and his team created systems to automate areas of my business so I can now focus on lead generation and consultation with serious clients. Jorge has a wealth of technical knowledge that has kept me up to speed with apps and widgets to integrate. He has also helped me dial in my products and pricing. Jorge has kept me on track and I am grateful for his devotion, positive attitude, expertise and skill!"

Rachel Prince

"Three Steps Business have boosted our profits by helping us greatly improve our ability to manage the sales pipeline. I would recommend Three Steps Business to any ambitious business seeking to expand their marketing capacity and streamline operations."

Andrew Doherty

" Jorge and his team did a great job setting up the automation for my business. At one stage I was dragging my feet with some info he needed so he came to my office, sat with me, and we got it done."

Iven Frangi
Customer Experience Expert

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