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Latest Articles

5 Reasons Why You Should Implement Marketing Automation Right Now

5 Reasons Why You Should Implement Marketing Automation Right Now

  As a business owner, your time is better spent dealing with the vital aspects of your business.   You should not be performing certain tasks when a program could perform them for you.   This is why automation is so important in a business.   With today’s technology,...

How to move from ‘overwhelmed’ to ‘flow’

How to move from ‘overwhelmed’ to ‘flow’

From 'busy' to 'flow' Over the last few weeks, I've been swamped with things to do, ON the business, IN the business and other more personal things. In general, a HUGE sense of overwhelm was the result of that. Feeling 'busy' wasn't helping as the thought of having to...

Why Should You Get started with Automation?

Why Should You Get started with Automation?

A common question from people I talk to who are in the fence to get started with automation sounds like this...   I’m thinking of getting started with automation but I’m not sure if I need it or it will help my business.   I get it… Automation is and isn’t for...

How to Prioritise Marketing Automation

How to Prioritise Marketing Automation

We know we want to go faster and automate everything! Though, before you start considering ways to automate your business, you first have to decide exactly where your priorities are. But really, you only need to think what is the important spaces you need help in...

How to Define Your Automation Objectives

How to Define Your Automation Objectives

I have a question for you – why did you start your business in the first place? When you started it did you have a clear objective in mind, I'm sure you did or at least an idea. Then you created a website... because you were told? Or because you wanted a presence?...

3 Ways to make Email Marketing work for you

3 Ways to make Email Marketing work for you

Well, it’s not enough to just create a value proposition. Here are 5 reasons why: #1 - Don't talk about the product (Yet): The reason why so many automated email marketing campaigns (or other campaigns) fail is that they are not directed to anybody, or more...


Happy customers.

"We now have automated processes which allows our client to follow the system which is the solution. This saves everyone hassle and time because it's a uniformed process."

Jack Milling

InXpress North Shore

"Jorge and the team at TSB not only have a handle on the mechanics of ActiveCampaign and automation - but understand that what it's really about it is selling and a better user experience. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with him."

Kelly Patchet
Quarter Back Digital

"Jorge and his team created systems to automate areas of my business so I can now focus on lead generation and consultation with serious clients. Jorge has a wealth of technical knowledge that has kept me up to speed with apps and widgets to integrate. He has also helped me dial in my products and pricing. Jorge has kept me on track and I am grateful for his devotion, positive attitude, expertise and skill!"

Rachel Prince

"Three Steps Business have boosted our profits by helping us greatly improve our ability to manage the sales pipeline. I would recommend Three Steps Business to any ambitious business seeking to expand their marketing capacity and streamline operations."

Andrew Doherty

" Jorge and his team did a great job setting up the automation for my business. At one stage I was dragging my feet with some info he needed so he came to my office, sat with me, and we got it done."

Iven Frangi
Customer Experience Expert

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