Why Should You Get started with Automation?

by Jorge Gasca
A common question from people I talk to who are in the fence to get started with automation sounds like this…
I’m thinking of getting started with automation but I’m not sure if I need it or it will help my business.
I get it… Automation is and isn’t for everyone… let me explain.
As a coach, consultant and a business owner with a small team, you should put in place automation anywhere you can.
Look for any opportunity where automation can take over routine tasks or help you produce better results.
This way, you can focus on looking at your business in a broader sense, instead of micromanaging.
Processes evolve so automation does. You don’t need to wait until it is perfect for you to get started because a business is never perfect!
On the flip side, you should be aware that you shouldn’t over automate either.
Done wrong, Automation can cost you more than it saves you. If you over-automate, your customers may feel disconnected.
If you’ve ever called a company and had to wade through a long automated system, you know how frustrating this can be.
It gives you a feeling that the company is cold and impersonal, that it doesn’t care about its customers. There are some aspects of your business which need a personal touch.
These include direct customer service, one-on-one communications, and other aspects of relationship building.
Customers can’t build a relationship with a robot.
The aim is to create the best balance between personal and automation.
As I often say, automate the process, humanize the relationship.
This is a balancing act.
To answer your question, YES, you should automate just not everything at the same time

Jorge Gasca

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Marketing strategist and automation specialist with the mission of impacting lives one business at a time this by helping aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners clarify their vision and strategically automate their actions to attract high-paying, long-lasting clients.

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