The Marketing Automation Blackbox


This is what we do every day at Three Steps Business and that’s what I want to achieve with you!

Our focus is ActiveCampaign and designing and implementing Automated Response Systems using our blackbox system.

What is a Blackbox? It looks something like this:

The Intention is that this Black Box becomes a white box so you actually know what happens inside. Something like this:

Marketing and process automation is not as challenging as you may think. All you need, is to follow the right steps and have key systems to support your business strategy.

So you have the right structure, you can have a simple system that deliver results and you can scale.

We follow these simple three steps:

  • We Strategise and look at all the elements in your business, what do you want to achieve and how it all works.
  • Then, we talk about tactics, the emails, the sequences, the automation, the landing pages
  • Then we set it up in the system… then the cycle starts again


We then work systematically through each of these following our signature system.

STEP 1: Setting Up the Foundations

During the first month, we’ll cover the basics and setting up your technology platforms and the basic automations to get your marketing automation system running.

STEP 2: Creating Nurturing Systems that Keep Your Contacts Engaged

Based on the plan and basics from the foundations we’ll write your nurturing sequences.

STEP 3: Setting up a Fool Proof Sales System

Learn how to use the Deals System in ActiveCampaign as a Tracking Switchboard that you can do yourself or delegate to someone else.

STEP 4: Creating Automated Exceptional Customer Experiences

Learn how to design and set up automated welcome system that keeps your contact engaged while you work with them.

STEP 5: Creating Automated Feedback & Referral Opportunities

We’ll set up your automated feedback system in a way that it will be easy to see those that are engaged and uncovering referral opportunities.

STEP 6: Creating Attraction Systems

Your system will be ready to scale. We’ll connect any lead magnet you have in your business and we’ll ensure the value that you have to offer from those is clearly communicated through your emails.

What this system ultimately gives you is:

  • The consistency of delivery that systems provide
  • The confidence that your system will not break. You know what is going on and that it is delivering the quality you expect 
  • The speed and ability to go faster in your execution


With this system, we help coaches, consultants, and services based businesses get their sales and marketing automation systems in place…

Don’t think about it as a lead generation campaign…

or a quick way to get sales…

Don’t look at it as something detached like let’s create a funnel and drive leads to it…

This is a proven system that we base on signals, reactions and the simplicity that will save you time and speed up your business…

This system focuses on long-term systems strategy that builds and grow with your business!

We are different because we care, we listen, we teach and because we know that visibility and systems make a difference… as you know you can’t improve what you can’t measure.

This is we I focus on the behind the scenes process first, following our three steps system.

Now, this was an informative letter… I hope you enjoyed it.

But, where to from here… right?

The way I see it, you have two options,

Option 1: Continue on reading on the web getting lost on the ‘finding’ information and not so much into ‘acting’ on it.

Option 2: OR you take action. Most of the times businesses are built on ‘actions’.

IF you are thinking of Option 1, That’s cool.

But think about it, how much is it costing you not to get started?

Every day that passes it might be your competitor who is automating their business and not you.

OR think of all those leads that are not getting nurtured…

If it is not the time, I get it…

No hard feelings.

Now, if you are an action taker and you are  thinking of starting right now… this is the ideal first step.

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Looking forward to hearing from you,

All the best,