How to Define Your Automation Objectives

by Jorge Gasca

I have a question for you – why did you start your business in the first place?

When you started it did you have a clear objective in mind, I’m sure you did or at least an idea.

Then you created a website… because you were told? Or because you wanted a presence? Let’s say is the latter.

Getting any tool without a clear goal in mind is one of the easiest ways you can waste time and money.

Automation is no different.

If you don’t have a clear objective, you are unlikely to see much of a return on your original investment and it definitely won’t achieve its potential as a marketing tool.

So before we get into any marketing automation strategies let’s talk about why you even need it and what you are looking to achieve with your marketing automation.

Whatever industry you’re in, your Proactive Automated Response System should be designed with two purposes in mind:

– To save you time
– To create a relationship
– To create conversations

Any investment you make on your marketing should be done with the above goals in mind.

Most people get this backwards and start with the tactics rather than the strategy.

For example, people jump into building 100 funnel and chatbots without having a clear strategy and they end up wasting money and time.

This is when they usually start saying they tried but it didn’t work.

It’s easy to blame the tactics, but were these tactics executed strategically? Most times they are not.

The system makes tactical execution easier… but it doesn’t drive the result itself. That’s your responsibility.

Now, with marketing automation you’ll start from the back end, knowing what the process the leads that you generate will follow through.

This means, even if they don’t buy straight away you know you’ll have a system to keep them warm and a way to track their engagement in the process.

When you take a strategic approach to your marketing including marketing automation you will start seeing solid returns such as an increase in recognition and a higher number of conversations.

Action Point:

What are your objectives? Break them down as below:

How many leads do you need?
How many conversations?
How many repeatable tasks can you automate and save time on?

Write down what you want to achieve with your marketing automation.

This will form the basis of your automation strategy and give you a foundation for the next steps.

Jorge Gasca

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About the Author

Marketing strategist and automation specialist with the mission of impacting lives one business at a time this by helping aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners clarify their vision and strategically automate their actions to attract high-paying, long-lasting clients.

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