3 Ways to make Email Marketing work for you

by Jorge Gasca

Well, it’s not enough to just create a value proposition. Here are 5 reasons why:

#1 – Don’t talk about the product (Yet):

The reason why so many automated email marketing campaigns (or other campaigns) fail is that they are not directed to anybody, or more specifically, they are directed towards EVERYBODY and they are Product-centric!

Automation that works is customer-centric.

As we normally do in our programs, having this very very clear is a key component of your success.

It’s only when we know who we’re talking to that we can transmit our message in a way they will understand. Because marketing automation, for the most part, is a set and forget (for a while) strategy, you need to make sure your marketing emails are speaking to your target audience as individuals.

#2 – Don’t Assume You Know:

One of the biggest mistakes business owners and marketers make is to assume they know what their target market wants. If you want to really understand your customers you need hard data, not guesswork.

Fortunately, marketing automation can give you just that. In fact, if you use the right platform you may have more information about your customers than you know what to do with!

You’ll be able to see quickly and easily what topics and subject lines appeal to them, and what doesn’t.

This is a great platform for testing and seeing what people react to.

#3 – Solve a Problem:

There’s no excuse for not taking the time to understand your target market’s pain points.

The trick to making ANY marketing initiative work is to show that you understand their problems and that your products or services can solve them.

In plain English, listen to them. Then give them what they want. Then automate it!

Action point:

Spend some time getting to know your target customer. What are their likes, dislikes, hopes, and fears?

Make a list of problems, then solve them… voila! You have an email sequence you can test and automate.


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