Tired of setting up patchy systems and being afraid of what button to push next?


I’m sure you know how overwhelming technology can be BUT you know it’s important… the problem is, you are still confused and need help…
Done for You Help.

Hi there friend, 

I’m Jorge Gasca and I am here to invite you to join my in-depth, small-group of Elite coaches, consultants and experts looking to use ActiveCampaign effectively to simplify, structure and scale their business.

This program is designed for working together in-depth and it is a chance for you to dig in deep and create a beautiful balance between technology, automation and personal experiences that will make your audience crave for more of your value.

Introducing the
Marketing Automation Mastery Program

This program is designed for working together in-depth and it is a chance for you to dig in deep and create a beautiful balance between technology, automation and personal experiences that will make your audience crave for more of your value.

During this program we will work on:

  • Creating a crystal clear vision of your systems
  • Strategise your actions so you stop building patchy systems and racing to implement ideas you get without thinking strategically if it is right for you or not!
  • Designing a structure that’s going to help you create more time, money and impact so you can help more people and give your clients a better experience
  • Creating an automation blueprint, so you know where everything goes and you can refer to it at any time when making decisions

How Does it Work



Initially, we will meet to create a crystal clear vision of your systems and strategize the perfect project plan.



Once we create the initial plan, we'll deep dive on each system and create detailed system workflows that our Tech Team will be able to implement for you.



Our Tech Team will take the laid-out plan and set it up for you, We'll train you on how to use it and you can start enjoying the benefits.



Once we have completed all the projects usually, we will continue working with you, mentoring, supporting you and looking at results.

This is our opportunity to make improvements and ensure the system is working and giving you the results you need. 

Here’s what people are saying

Terry Tran

Incredible company, team and founder to work with. Nothing ever a seems to be too much hassle, and my automation would not be where it is without Jorge and his team. If you need automation implementation, TSB is your go to team. Highly recommended.

Kelly Patchet

Jorge and his team are professional and bring value to the work he does for his clients -- beyond what they initially ask for. In addition to the tactical work of setting up ActiveCampaign, Jorge will help you develop a strategy so you can maximize what AC can do for you.

Jesse Green

During our time with Jorge and TSB, our business has quadrupled  in revenue. We already had good revenue before but the work from Jorge and his team helped us achieve that growth. We could not have achieved that without them.


This is for you if...

  • You have an established business and a proven product and you are already helping others get results.
  • You’ve also realized that having a solid business model down and developing business systems matters but you often feel overwhelmed in implementing them. 
  • One thing has become abundantly clear to you: you can’t do this alone. You are getting some help in the business or realising that having a team is important and you’ll be hiring soon.
  • You are ready and super keen to get momentum! You want a business that starts moving forward fast and making a BIG difference in the world of everyone who works with you.
  • You have a passion for your business and you want to see that baby grow. This is the bottom line: You want more to help more people. More time. More money.
  • You can afford the spend on this program which starts around $2,000/month at the lower level. Ideally you might want to have at least 4-6 months of these saved up.
  • You are willing to spend 2 Hours a week working with us on approvals, sessions and feedback to keep the project moving ahead.

This is not for you if...

  • This program will not be a fit if you are looking for full-time help. We are here to run a successful system and program based on deadlines. We don't run marketing campaigns.
  • This program will not be a fit if your business is in early stages or you are just starting out. In order to automate is best to have a proven product.
  • This program will not be a fit if you are busy all the time with a lot of things going on and cannot spend time on this project. We are all busy I get it, if you cannot fit anything else in your calendar we won't be able to help.
  • This program will not be a fit if you need someone available on weekends. I get it, we all need help sometimes on the weekend, and I am around on weekends from time to time but it is not the rule.
  • This program will not be a fit if you have a purely eCommerce business selling physical products our best results have come from clients selling coaching, education or expert advice.

This is not for me but I am keen to implement automation...
Our online courses might help, click here to learn more

Here’s what people are saying

Clea Sherman

Thanks to Jorge and the team. I couldn't have automated my email messages without you. This has been on my to-do list for a long time and you made it happen without the headaches. Happy to recommend your services to others.

Christien Johnson

Jorge & the TSB Team help creating a system that has been a huge help for our workload and efficiency in the office! Thank you for your patience and professionalism!

Iven Frangi

My business and communication with my clients runs better because of the support of the TSB team.

Note of Caution – What This Program is Not:

We are NOT a marketing agency.

We are NOT here to run or be the admin of your ActiveCampaign account. Though, If you are looking for an admin or someone to run this for you I suggest you check this service following this link.

This program is a mix of mentoring, coaching and expert services.

Also, I’m not a social media, Google Adwords or Facebook ad specialist. I happen to know quite a bit about this because the whole thing is a system but by no means I consider myself an expert on this field. 

I’m a systems guy.

I just happen to know a lot about all sorts of things but for the most part I am a systems guy and I see most things through those lenses. 

If you’re looking for a program that will teach you marketing or everything you need to know to make your business work, this isn’t it.

Having said that, I’ve been in business for a while now and I’ve got opinions based on a lot of experience working with very successful coaches that we’ve helped grow their business to over 7 figures which I’m happy to share.

Alright, that’s what it is...

But WHY in the world applying right now?

I know what you are thinking, this sounds great but I have long list of other things I need to work on.

Yes, sure it is! But hear me out...

You and I know that technology is not going to go away.

In fact, it is only going to continue to improve and evolve.

You have to start using it to your advantage now so you can avoid being left behind later.

I know it might feel a little overwhelming and little bit out of reach.

For your peace of mind, there is a simple process I follow to make this possible and it consists of three simple steps:

  1. 1
    We’ll create a solid strategy
  2. 2
    We’ll design your tactics
  3. 3
    We'll set up the required system

We’ll work through this consistently until it is all done, I’ve done it over and over again since 2013. Trust me, it works!

Now, on top of that… for your peace of mind let me outline what the outcomes of this training are.

You will get:

  • The clarity you need to be able to put systems in place
  • The simplicity you want to move forward fast!
  • The option for you to scale, build a team and help more people
  • Last but not least, your ability to test and improve your results

Apart from these benefits and all the templates we will give you and access to our expert team, I’ve got you covered with our ironclad 30 day Money Back guarantee.

Really this is a no-risk investment on your part

What do you say?




First, you’ll need to enter your REAL email address to start the application process. Then you’ll be taken to a page where we will share more information about the program, if this is still of interest to you. You can continue your application process filling in our application form.



Once you complete the application form, where I ask you a few questions. We will then let you know if we can help. If we can, we will schedule a time with you for a call to discuss further details about the program.



If we decide that we MIGHT be able to help, we'll schedule a call and discuss what your goals are and the scope and investment of the program.

Then we will decide if you are in or not, nobody will pressure you or hassle you. If you want into the program, great.

If not, no problem.

About Jorge Gasca

Jorge Gasca founded Three Steps Business as a product of his obsession for creating better and more efficient processes. The natural conclusion was marketing automation with the goal of scaling and amplifying the impact of service businesses in the community.

Jorge has been working with coaches, consultants and service providers implementing marketing automation systems using ActiveCampaign since 2013.

Since beginning his entrepreneurial journey, he has successfully helped hundreds of businesses grow and scale and continues to be at the forefront of next-generation automation systems that can help you build a next-level business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

Is there a time commitment?

Is Done For You, Do I need to be involved? How much time do I need to commit to this?

Do I talk to someone, How many calls do I have access to?

How technical does the program get?

I know I want to get this done but I’m not great with technology… Is that okay?

What if this is too basic for me? I already understand the concept and have a few things set up.

What is included?

I have a VA. Can I get the program and learn together so they can implement it for me?


Feel free to book a call with the team if you have unanswered questions or if you are not sure whether this program is the right fit for you and prefer to talk to someone before putting your application through.