Getting Marketing Automation Right Just Got Easier

CREATE THE PERFECT Plan TO Implement Your Very Own Marketing Automation System PLUS access all the tools and support your need to make it happen fasT!

I’m sure you know how overwhelming technology can be BUT you know it’s important… the problem is, you are still confused and need help…

Hi, I’m Jorge Gasca and I get it…

After helping coaches, consultants and service based companies to implement marketing automation into their business since 2013.

I've discovered a simple process that will help you install automation in your business fast without having to become a technology expert.

Yes I know, automation can add a whole new level of frustrations while getting it right.

One of the main reasons why this is so hard is because you are approaching it the wrong way.

But to be fair with you, this is not your fault. It’s nobody’s fault.

You don’t know what you don’t know, plus you are running your business and probably wearing several hats to make it all work…

Or maybe you have a VA who knows what they are doing but doesn’t get what you actually want to achieve.

The reality is that there’s not a great amount of information out there that fixes the three main mistakes that people make when it comes to automation.

Mistake #1 – No structure

I’ll tell you straight away what I see most people do when it comes to the structure they use for automation.

If you could see your system or the plan you current have it'd look more or less like the photo here. 

Also, most people tend to just follow the influencers, right?

Gary V says, use that, and go and do this, people usually go and do it.

Now, this is not Gary V’s fault… he’s amazing!

BUT it is the lack of structured thinking about your business systems that doesn’t let you stop and think, is this right for me?

What I should be doing? You may ask…

Creating an automation strategy and a clear plan that’s tailored to your business outcomes so it looks nice simple and clean :)

Like a machine in sync that exist to support you in your business growth and scale!

Like a sports car, it just works, flawlessly.

You know, not putting the cart before the horse.

So when it comes to structure you need to understand what you want to achieve.

You need to stop and understand your business, your strategy.

I want you to have a structure that’s going to help you create more time, money and impact so you can help more people and give your clients a better experience.

Mistake #2 They Over-automate OR Over-complicate

Simple is Good!

Anyone can over-complicate anything.

People think that the way to have more free time is just to automate every single thing, but they don’t realize that it’s an issue in itself.

If you want to automate too much stuff, you remove the personal touch and miss out on opportunities to build relationships in the process, and you might find that Customer service dramatically drops.

Not only that, but you will feel disconnected from your own system because you don't know what is happening inside!

Almost like a tangled chain...

I have spend years working on automation and I have the frameworks you need, but that's only half of the equation, you need to know the system yourself and the balance you want to create.

Even if I go and do it for you, you still gotta learn it

Even if you want a team mate to do it for you, you need to instruct them. 

We want to create a beautiful balance of understanding what we can systematize and what we have to humanize.

Now I don’t know about you but here’s the thing.

As far as I’m concerned, although I deal with the tech realm, automation is not just what a computer does for you,
automation means you don’t have to do it.

I just love automation because your business becomes
stable and consistent.

But if you have someone in your team doing it, that’s also automated as far as I’m concerned.

I just want you to have a shortcut to technology because technology builds certainty on a business, even more so it is calculable.

We need a structure without it... even the most beautiful house will fall down, we need something strong like a steel structure.

A system that will support scale and growth! 

Mistake #3 Hiring Tech ‘Experts’ without Business Knowledge

This is the killer!

What I see most people do is they pay an expert to go and set up their system and they don’t understand the business.

They don’t understand the needs of the business. 

And anytime that something breaks or they want to grow, they’re going to have to pay this expert and get rid of all the things that don’t work anymore because they are not thinking as well as they are doing.

Or are marketers thinking with the marketing hat, not with the business hat?

Marketing Only vs Tech thinking vs Strategic thinking makes a HUGE difference.

What I want to do is make sure that you walk out of here knowing how to think like that.

Then you will regain control and confidence knowing how the system works, then you can hire anyone to implement it if you want (YES! I have included specific instructions for implementing it all)

Now, out of all this frustration I created a simple, yet powerful system that will make your marketing automation work once and for all.

This program is a beautiful mix of strategic work and technical understanding, you are going to love what you find in this membership!

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side, 

Jorge Gasca

Introducing the Marketing Automation
Mastery Membership

This is a membership provides you with the frameworks you need to plan your Marketing Automation like a Pro with the support you need to get it all done!


After completing our initial Master Plan Course you will have:

  • Learnt how to implement the thinking process behind automation without having to become an technology expert.
  • Removed the guesswork out of automation. You won't need to become an ActiveCampaign expert, you only need to know the important stuff so you understand how YOUR SYSTEM works.
  • Learn a framework you can replicate and scale fast.
  • Created your own map, showing you exactly how your marketing will move into each of the elements of your automation, the best thing is you can replicate it over and over again.
  • Implemented a simple, yet powerful engagement tracking system to segment your database and send laser targeted campaigns.
  • Have imported ready to go systems, where you only needed to add your content, connect a few things in and you'll be ready to go.
  • Set up the automated email campaigns that will save you hours AND will deliver value to your contacts
  • Maximised your results with laser targeted campaigns

Here’s what people are saying

Lewis Bulley

Jorge and the team have a deep understanding of Active Campaign and are able to implement it efficiently across other systems such as WordPress. Jorge provided great strategy around nurture sequences, auto-responders, event reminders, really helping our processes.

Kelly Patchet

Jorge and his team are professional and bring value to the work he does for his clients -- beyond what they initially ask for.  Jorge will help you develop a strategy so you can maximize what AC can do for you.

Terry Tran

Incredible company, team and founder to work with. My automation would not be where it is without Jorge and his team. If you need automation implementation, TSB is your go to team. Highly recommended.

What’s iNSIDE

We’ll work together to create a plan for your End-to-End automation system so you can understand and feel in control to simplify, structure and scale your business.


The Foundations

We’ll start with the basics, getting to understand what automation is and its foundations so you won't be guessing how the whole thing works and it doesn't become a black box.


Automate Your Customer Engagement

You'll Get to know your customer like never before so you can automate their experience creating an amazing automated relationship with every contact in your database.


5 Cornerstones of Marketing Automation

Learn how to track engagement and relationships automatically, applying the 5 cornerstones of marketing automation using ActiveCampaign so you can maximise the results of your database and automation system.


Laser Targeting for Maximum Results

Learn how to segment and target your customers the right way using ActiveCampaign so you can send the right message and the right time to the right person maximizing your conversions.


Automation Planning System

Learn the framework for planning ANY automation system for maximum effectiveness without the tech thinking headaches. You'll become a master of automation with this tool making automation a breeze.


Creating your plan

Now that you've learn the ins and outs of automation and we have setup the structure that will help you scale. You are ready to create the action plan you need to move through projects and start creating robust system to support your business and drive results.  


Implementation Projects

With your action plan ready to go is time for you to go into your implementation projects OR bring your team member in to learn and implement it for you!

About The Author Jorge Gasca

Jorge Gasca founded Three Steps Business as a product of his obsession for creating better and more efficient processes. The natural conclusion was marketing automation with the goal of scaling and amplifying the impact of service businesses in the community.

Jorge has been working with coaches, consultants and service providers implementing marketing automation systems using ActiveCampaign since 2013.

Since beginning his entrepreneurial journey, he has successfully helped hundreds of businesses grow and scale and continues to be at the forefront of next-generation automation systems that can help you build a next-level business. 

Here’s what people are saying

Rachel Prince

Jorge and his team created systems to automate areas of my business so I can now focus on lead generation and consultation with serious clients. He has also helped me dial in my products and pricing. Jorge has kept me on track and I am grateful for his devotion, positive attitude, expertise and skill!

Christien Johnson

Jorge & the TSB Team help creating a system that has been a huge help for our workload and efficiency in the office! Thank you for your patience and professionalism!

Clea Sherman

Thanks to Jorge and the team. I couldn't have automated my email messages without you. This has been on my to-do list for a long time and you made it happen without the headaches. Happy to recommend your services to others.

But WHY in the world should sign up for this membership right now?

I know what you are thinking, this sounds great but it is still technical and I have long list of other things I need to work on.

Yes, sure it is! But hear me out...

You and I know that technology is not going to go away. In fact, it is only going to continue to improve and evolve.

You have to start using it to your advantage now so you can avoid being left behind later.

I know it might feel a little overwhelming and little bit out of reach.

For your peace of mind, there is a simple process I follow to make this possible and it consists of three simple steps:

  1. 1
    We’ll create a solid strategy
  2. 2
    We’ll design your tactics
  3. 3
    You'll be able to ask questions and get clear on 1 and 2. 

We’ll work through this consistently until it is all done, I’ve done it over and over again since 2013.

Now, on top of that… for your peace of mind let me outline what the outcomes of this training are.

You will get:

  • The clarity you need to be able to put systems in place
  • The simplicity you want to move forward fast!
  • The option for you to scale, build a team and help more people
  • Last but not least, your ability to test and improve your results

Apart from these benefits and all the templates we will give you, I’ve got you covered with our ironclad 30 day Money Back guarantee.

Really this is a no-risk investment on your part

What do you say?

Here's what you'll get access when you sign up today!

  • MASTER PLAN COURSE: 12 Months Access to the Master plan course. Need a refresher no problem come back anytime.
  • PLUG & PLAY AUTOMATION: Ready to import Automation frameworks for rapid implementation.
  • PRIVATE SUPPORT: Need Help? Get 1:1 Access to Experts via our Email Hot Line Support we'll get back to you within 24 hours.
  • LEARN ON THE GO: Every lesson in this courses are optimised for all screens and devices. Watch it anytime, anywhere.
  • MINI SIZE LESSONS: No overwhelming 1 hour lessons. Video lessons are broken up into Mini lessons (no more than 10 minutes) so you can work it into your life.
  • ALL FUTURE IMPLEMENTATION COURSES: Short and Focused, Ready to implement S&OPs for rapid implementation. 
  • ACCESS TO EXPERT AUTOMATION HELP: Ask unlimited questions in our Forum and get expert answers.


Yes! I am ready to sign up for AUD$297


Access to Experts

Access to our private Members portal and Hot line where you can ask questions.

1 x Strategy Session

Get Access to a 1:1 Strategy Session Call where we will get to know you  guide you through the process.

Online Courses

Access to over 7 Online Courses on Strategy and Facebook Ads that support your journey.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!
If, for any reason, you think you didn't get value from this amazing membership, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase providing you have evidence you have implemented the teachings of this membership.

If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a refund.

Who is this Membership for

Anyone who sells professional services. As an example, consultants, coaches, financial services, accountants, etc.

If you are a marketer doing automation for others or if you have a VA who you want to do marketing automation for you.

Our best results have come from clients that work with people, run sales calls, webinars and events.

This is also for those who are willing to learn AND roll-up their sleeves to get this done.

We’ll give you the tools, training and support but you are the one who makes things happen

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a high level thinker, is this right for me?

How much time do I need to commit to the implementation of the teachings?

Is there a time commitment? Can I cancel any time?

How technical does it get?

I have a VA. Can I get the membership and learn together so they can implement it for me?

Can I ask questions? Is there anyone I can talk to?

What if this is too basic for me? I already understand the concept and have a few things set up.

Is this an ActiveCampaign training program?

How many calls do I have access to?

Are the Office Hours calls recorded?

Don’t let automation overwhelm you, get back in control!

What would it mean to you to have a simple powerful system that you will understand?

A system that will make your business much more predictable and scalable?

A simplified and crystal clear system that you can manage and understand or delegate if you choose.

What would it feel like to finally get this done?

One thing is for sure.

Going out on your own and implementing patchy automation for ‘each funnel’ doesn’t quite cut it.

We need to remove roadblocks from your life, add flow and amazing customer journeys so you can move forward and move faster.

That’s where this membership comes in.

Scaling and being able to help more people using technology as the machine behind the scenes all with less stress and hassle is literally waiting for you inside…

Join Now.


Feel free to send a message if you have unanswered questions or if you are not sure whether this membership is the right fit for you.