Why does it take some time to automate?

Although ActiveCampaign is an automation system – a system often perceived as the solution to everything – it should always be considered a blank canvas. This is so that you can design the system based on your unique customer journey.

So what do we do with a blank canvas?

The truth is that ActiveCampaign, and all those systems, is a blank canvas, and you need to put a picture within it. So meaning, you need to have the following elements:

  1. A Vision
  2. A Plan
  3. All the other relevant elements that you will need to be able to paint that picture into that blank canvas


If you are looking to get into marketing automation, automating the system, your systems and your business, and anything else, always think of the vision that you expect to have out of your business.


What does automation mean to you? What do systems mean to you? How does it look like, in your business, once everything’s done? Once you understand that, then you will be able to plan and automate your business.


That’s basically the beginning of everything. The system itself wouldn’t help you, but what you need, is the vision of what you want to be the system doing, for it to be set up that way.

Once all the plans are laid out, I now put all the different elements to paint a picture into your blank canvas.


Jorge Gasca
Marketing strategist and automation specialist with the mission of impacting lives one business at a time this by helping aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners clarify their vision and strategically automate their actions to attract high-paying, long-lasting clients.