TSB19 – How to stick to your goals – 5 Part Checklist

by Jorge Gasca

On this Podcast

  • A 5 part checklist I use to keep in check with my goals
  • Quick tips to make sure you enjoy the journey 🙂


How to stick to your goals – 5 Part Checklist

Measuring progress is critical to staying on track. Seeing what lies ahead and what lies behind on the path to your goal is a powerful source of motivation. Here are some great ways to measure progress.

People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals - that is, goals that do not inspire them. #quote Share on X

Facts and Figures

No matter what type of goals you’ve set, find a way to quantify your progress.

Stay on Schedule

Break your main goal into sub-goals and put them on a timeline to stay organized. Chart your progress as you go along. Stick to the deadlines you’ve set up as much as possible, but don’t deny yourself minor flexibility.

Keep a Journal

When you settle on your goal, write it down on the first page of a notebook. This notebook will be your goal journal. Set aside a little bit of time each day to write about your progress. The entries don’t need to be long or detailed.

Tick It – To do list

Keep a tick sheet. When you complete a task, simply tick it off. Tick sheets are great for marking off daily tasks and sub-goals.

Who’s Got the Time?

All of the above suggestions take time out of your busy schedule. When you’re working toward an important goal, you may feel that you don’t have much to spare. However, taking time to measure progress is immensely beneficial so make the time to do it!

Just one thought before you go…

Achieving goals


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