TSB15 – Top Six Reasons to Set Your Goals

by Jorge Gasca

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  • How to start 2015 with the right mindset to succeed
  • Six reasons why setting up goals
  • How to make sure you will achieve those goals

Let’s get started…

It is very easy for anyone to make a New Year’s Resolution and it is a sad fact that many people make them knowing full well that they won’t achieve them. For these people it has almost become a habit to make unattainable or unmotivated resolutions. Have you been guilty of this?
This is your year to change all of that and make it a year where you will Succeed!


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Goal setting is crucial for getting what you want out of life. Without goals, it’s nearly impossible to reach any level of measurable personal or professional success. Having said that, here are six reasons goal setting is key…


Goal-setting provides clarity of vision. Explicitly stating goals is the best way to allow body and mind to work in unison towards accomplishment.


Goal setting allows us to be responsible for our own actions.

Are you doing everything possible to accomplish your stated objectives?—Think long and hard about it.

You are responsible for your daily attitude and action. Goal setting makes that abundantly clear.


Speaking of action, goal setting inspires us to create concrete action plans for life.

Want to own a work for yourself in June 2015? Plan on doubling your business’ revenue in the next 12 months?


Whatever your goal, stating it plainly and simply will inspire the creation of an action plan to see it through.

Take small steps forward every day and, eventually, you will find your target.


A clearly defined goal is the only way to keep yourself focused when things go awry. When obstacles emerge, specific objectives can give us the courage and strength to keep moving forward when we might otherwise quit.


It is almost impossible to find success without maintain focus. Identifying and keeping a goal is a tremendous way to stay on-task and avoid distraction. If you set clear goals, you will know exactly where your energy will need to go on a daily basis.

One Goal at a Time

Goal setting is important but there is a right and wrong way to do it. At the start of any attempt, set smaller goals and take them down one at a time. As you build momentum, increase the size and scope of those goals and before you know it you will have travelled further than you could have possibly imagined.


This is a series of articles that will guide you through the process of doing this correctly, this is just an overview of WHY doing it. Now, the big question… How? The answer to this questions in our next episode.


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