TSB09 – What You Need to Know to Spot Online Scams

by Jorge Gasca

Not only do online scams exist, but they’re actually pretty common.

In order to avoid affiliate marketing scams, or any other online scam, learn how to find the right program.

Some attractive affiliate programs don’t actually pay the agreed commission amount or, worse still,  they don’t pay you at all!

Careful investigation is required before joining any affiliate program.


Want to know how to avoid scams?

Here are 5 important questions to ask when considering any online opportunity or program:

  1. Does the company have good customer support? Can they answer emails and inquiries appropriately? Are they easily reachable?
  2. Is there a real, local office where you can actually visit the company?
  3. Do they give a fair commission percentage?
  4. Ask if they have a tracking system installed. This helps affiliates know how much they are earning.
  5. Are the products being sold of good quality? Who is their target market?

Now that you know what to look for in an a program, here’s how to research and find one.

Use these key tips when performing your research.


Find More Information

Look for a forum that is related to your business. Join the forum and ask for advice from the existing members. They might know something about the program that you are looking for.

Once a program is suggested, look into it, find out as much information as you can.

Google it! Bing it! Do whatever you have to.

Here’s a friendly tip:  Type the company name you’re researching into the search bar and then type “scam”.

Read the results that pop-up and use your instinct in determining whether the program is legitimate or not.


My Scam Checklist


I’ve shared the questions I ask myself when joining a particular affiliate program but here is a condensed, 5-item checklist that will determine if the opportunity is legitimate or fake.

If the company…

  1. Asks you to pay money up-front to join
  2. Promises overnight riches
  3. Lacks a clear Business Model
  4. Has false Scarcity
  5. Lacks a robust affiliate system

Summing It All Up


Look before you join.

Ask questions online and  do not rush in choosing a program.

Make sure the affiliate program you choose is a trustworthy one.

Since you are investing in other people’s products and spending money on your own website, you do not want to see your time, money and effort go to waste.

Jorge Gasca

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Marketing strategist and automation specialist with the mission of impacting lives one business at a time this by helping aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners clarify their vision and strategically automate their actions to attract high-paying, long-lasting clients.

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