TSB06 – How to Choose the Right Online Business Idea

by Jorge Gasca

When deciding to start an online business, having the right idea is important, but not as important as avoiding the wrong idea.

Some time ago, I made an impulsive decision to leave my job and pursue an opportunity without doing the proper research.

Surprise, surprise–it didn’t turn out well.

No matter how seemingly brilliant the business idea, without the proper plan, patience and forethought the business will die. It happened to me and it will happen to you too. Don’t take my word for it, others have come to the same conclusion.


Establishing an online business requires real dedication of time and effort, not to mention money.

It requires commitment. A willingness to stay the course no matter what happens.


Patience is required. Your business will take small steps before it can blossom to its full potential.


If you’ve endured the thrilling anxiety of starting your own business before, you know success doesn’t just come with the snap of a finger. To create an operation capable of standing the test of time, the owner MUST take it seriously and understand what’s required to properly take care of it.


Whether you’ve already decided or are still deciding what your business will be, remember that present-day deposits (oftentimes heavy ones) are necessary for future withdrawals.


Keeping all of this in mind, if you really are ready to take the plunge and start an online business make sure you start the right one.

Choose one that best suits you and your interests.

Factor your passions and personality into the decision; DO NOT invest all of your focus on the money!


Here Are the Golden Rules to Choosing the Right Online Business Idea

1. What is Your Start-Up Investment?

All businesses require investments of both time and money to get started.

Candidly ask yourself how much you’re willing to shell-out for the start-up costs?

Determine how much money you can use to invest in your business without compromising your basic necessities and responsibilities.

Don’t skip meals and stop paying your utility bill to get your business off the ground.

Make the minimal up-front investments and get the ball rolling–starting small is better than not starting at all. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket by clearing out your savings.

Remember, the business can’t grow if it never starts. Nurture the development of your business by reinvesting early profits.


2. What kind of support/training is available?

What kind of support or training is available?

Training helps new business owners learn how to manage the ups and downs. It also help them enhance their general business skills.

Enrolling in classes or seeking support doesn’t mean you’re incapable of running your business. In means you’re willing to use every asset and advantage at your disposal to make your business blossom.


3. Can Compensation Wait?

Business is still about money at the end of the day.

Ask yourself if you’re willing to wait to see the fruits of your labor or if you’re just after a quick financial reward.

Set realistic goals when starting your venture.

If your budget prohibits you from waiting to see measurable returns, it may not be the best time to start a business.


4. Do you believe in your business?

If you started a product-oriented business, do you REALLY like the products you’re selling? 

If you don’t believe in your product, no one else will.

The same is true of a service-oriented business: Do you believe in the services your business offers? Do you think you can help people with your offering?


Final Thoughts

Now that we have identified the four golden rules to choosing the right online business idea, you should be able to select the perfect idea that is right for you.

A business you believe.

A business you’re excited about investing time and money in.


  • Your goals are KEY
  • Your product or service must help the customer
  • You must BELIEVE in what you’re doing

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