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T&Cs in a Nutshell:
Each request = 1 Project/Task, We will not start a second request until the first request has been finalised.
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Be up to date with the latest trends with our proactive approach to learning about automation. Learn  through our monthly webinars and training courses.


One by One submit your jobs via our helpdesk. Need more help? Buy more slots if more tasks need to be done simultaneously.


We'll proactively test your system to ensure it is working as expected and we'll have periodic 1:1s check-ins we'll keep us in line with your goals


Automation System Support

Unlimited Questions via Slack

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Dedicated Slack Channel

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Video Training Access

Monthly Preventive Testing

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Team Access to Members Area and Video Training

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Unlimited Strategy Questions

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Questions? Get them answered now

How can I use my job requests?

You can use request implementation jobs depending on your needs. A job request may involved different jobs on itself. We'll evaluate and get back to you based on this link for a full list of jobs.

Will there be someone dedicated to my account?

Yes, you'll have a project manager who will allocate your jobs to our highly trained technical team.

How does the job requests process work?

Once you send us a request, our project managers will thoroughly investigate your case so we fully understand the scope of the work requested based on our list of jobs and reports back to you considering if this can be achieved within 1 hour, alternatively, we'll divide the tasks in smaller tasks to cover for the implementation. 

Once agreed, the job gets allocated to our diligent tech team to get it done for you!

Is there an approval process?

Most definitely, a job is not complete until the approval process has been complete.

Do I provide the copywriting?

Yes, you'll need to provide the copywriting, we can also do it for you if this is the case, though this is not covered within the scope of our care plan.

Do you look after my Wordpress website?

We can certainly do that at no extra cost. 

Do you host my website?

No, we focus on providing the technical help you required to keep it running at its best. If you require hosting we'll make recommendations.

What I my task is bigger than what can be covered within the support package?

If this is the case, we'll create a scope that we can agree on and we can work on a special project.

We have a list of those and we can direct you in the right path once the requirements had been agreed upon. 

How long do my job requests will take?

Jobs may differ of how long does it take to execute once it has been allocated. As a rule of thumb, we recommend allowing a minimum of 1 to 3 working days in case there are changes on the task.

I have few jobs that I want to complete, Can I do them all at the same time?

No, we work on a FIFO (first-in-first-out) method.
You can raise as many jobs as you'd like through our system they will all be put in a queue and it'll be done one at a time.

What if, I really want to do two or more jobs at a time?

We can then create a special project and allocated the required capacity for it. 

Can I speak to someone when placing a request?

We may also have quick calls with our team members where things are unclear. We limit these to a maximum of 2 short-calls (15 mins) depending on the complexity of the task.

What if I have an URGENT Request?

We may also accommodate urgent requests. You can flag this while requesting a task. Keep in mind urgent requests may incur on expediting costs.

What happens if we have completed Job 1 and we have just started Job 2, but we discover an issue? Will this stop Job 2?

If this happens, we'll approve the work on two jobs simultaneously. We'll make the changes required on Job 1 and carry on with the completion of Job 2.

Does this work like a project?

Yes. We normally create a job in our back-end system where we can track the progress of the job. Each task is considered a small deliverable/job.

I have a strategy question, does this package includes access to strategy?

Yes! You can ask unlimited questions.

We are an objective party and we'll give you objective answers and recommendations based on the quality of the question. At any time you may purchase strategy session with one of our experts.

Is this a lock-in contract?

This is a minimum 3 months of service, after that you can leave anytime we'll simply need a 30 day notice to wrap things up.

I am an agency, can I use this for clients?

Unfortunately, our service is limited to one client only. We work mostly with the end client rather than with agencies, though, feel free to reach out and we can point you in the right direction.

I have a team and they all need to raise requests, is that possible?

Unfortunately, the system is restricted to one user only. You'll need to determine who will be the key person in your business to use our platform.

I am unsure, can I talk to someone before signing up?

Sure. Feel free to contact us here.

What systems do you support?

Apart from ActiveCampaign, we support Zapier integrations, Gravity Forms, Wordpress, Thrive Themes, ClickFunnels, AcuityScheduling, Calendly and many more, just let us know what do you need 🙂

What is the cost?

Our packages start at $330/Month - You might be thinking, there's others doing it for much less.
YES! There are, the main difference is that you'll be able to talk to someone who knows and manage your account, not with a team that are reactive to what you ask.
There are two options for you to compare the offering here:
1. You hire a VA for $18,000 / year that you will have to train and keep in your business
2. You hire a dedicated person inside your team (in Australia) at a minimum of $50,000/year. 
Either way you will be paying more for this service of what you''ll paying working with us, not only that but the learning curve will be huge!


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