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Are you making any of the 3 Deadly Automation Mistakes?

#1 – No structure

I’ll tell you straight away what I see most people do when it comes to the structure they use for automation is that they just follow the influences, right?

Gary V says, use that, and go and do this, people go and do it.

Now, this is not Gary V’s fault… he’s amazing!

BUT is the lack of structured thinking about your business systems that doesn’t let you stop and think, is this right for me?

What I should be doing? You may ask…

Creating an automation strategy that’s tailored to your business outcomes.

You know, not putting the cart before the horse.

So when it comes to structuring, I want to understand you.

I want to stop and understand your business and I want to build something that’s going to help you create more time and money and your clients have a better experience.

#2 They Over-automate OR Over-Complicate

Simple is Good! Anyone can over-complicate anything.

People think that the way to them having more time is just to automate every single thing, but they don’t realize that it’s an issue on itself.

If you want to automate too much stuff, you remove touch and relationship in the process you might find that Customer service dramatically drops.

When I work with clients, what I want to do is get this beautiful balance of understanding what we can systematize and what we have to humanize.

And then slowly, we can start to take things that we’re humanizing and shifting them over to automation.

Now I don’t know about you but here’s the thing.

As far as I’m concerned, although I deal with the tech realm, automation is not just what a computer does for you, it’s what the automation just means. You don’t have to do it. 

I just love to automate it in programs because it is predictable.

But if you have someone in your team doing it, that’s automated as far as I’m concerned.

I just want to see how much I can help you with technology because technology is predictable.

#3 Hiring Tech ‘Experts’ without Business Knowledge

What I see most people do is they pay an expert to go and set up their system and they don’t understand the business structure.

They don’t understand the needs of the business.

And anytime that something breaks or they want to grow, they’re going to have to pay this expert and exhort is all things that don’t work anymore because they are not thinking as well as they are doing.

Tech thinking vs Strategic thinking makes a difference.

What I want to do is, to make sure that our clients walk out of here knowing the thinking.

Then you re-gain Control and confidence knowing that it works.

Now, out of all these frustrations I created a simple, yet powerful system that will make your marketing automation work once and for all.

Want to check it out? I call it the Marketing Automation Blackbox

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