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An Automation Story


We live in a fast (immediate) world.

Thus, we feel that achieving our goals should be immediate too… so we turn to automation.

We expect reading Blog post or downloading a checklist or signing up to an up for ActiveCampaign will ‘magically’ automate and fix all our issues and get the business to run faster.

ActiveCampaign is a tool and this is only half of the story. 

If you look at the story of computers, everything started with the abacus.

A simple system to add up and store large numbers.

Then we evolve, the industry evolved and the electro-mechanical systems of punch whole computers were created, this was an evolution of the abacus making computations and additions way faster like when this was first introduced during the US’s census in 1850. Which was in fact the birth of computing company IBM.

From there computers and systems have evolved to where we are at now, a fast-paced society looking to get everything solved right away.

Now, if you look for a second at this evolution…

Everything started with a need, a requirement.

The abacus = Solve a need to count and store large numbers

The punch-hole Computer = Process a large amount of data

After years and years of working with systems and different people, I’ve realised that the best systems are there to solve a need and are not immediate.

Yes, tools exist and hey help but just like the abacus, your business has to evolve too.

Automation like anything else needs to have a requirement to solve and a process of implementation.

I am sorry to break it up to you but the truth is… business is not immediate and automation is not a magic pill.

Most people get this wrong… this is one of the three biggest mistakes in automation.

So, I want you to get it right! Once and for all!

I don’t want you to fall in the trap I fall in.

When I got started I was consuming information like crazy wanting to be like the big ones you know, running Facebook Ads and making a Million dollars as soon as possible until I realised…

That keeping things simple is best… solve a need…

and that hard work is required to create simplicity and refinement.

So, the way you automate is working hard once and brick by brick put in place things that work.

Building an idea into reality.

Which brings me to my mission.

My mission is… to help as many people as I can make their ideas a reality!

From my experience, training, readings and a lot of money spend on coaching. One thing I know for certain, is that to achieve whatever you want to achieve, you need 3 things:

  1. A roadmap
  2. A strategy
  3. A proven system (or you go trial and error)

I’ve also realised that…

The old saying ‘the money is in the list (database)’… is true…

Though it is not about the money, the gold is in the relationship you build with those in your email list.

You work hard trying to get leads.

Going to networking events, follow people up and working in all these bits and pieces, to often lose track.

Even neglecting current clients, our other priorities (like your family!)

And it often feels like you are spinning many plates and working through so none of them drops…

But leads often don’t convert straight away and we forget about those,

There is no nurturing.

There’s no relationship… there’s no thoughtful journey…

What if this was someone you liked?

Would you let them lose contact?

We put in place whatever the influencers are doing and we get sucked into tools and tactics and honestly, some times we’re barking up the wrong tree.

And I get it, you are not alone.

I was just like you, spinning many plates, neglecting responsibilities and trying to implement a cookie-cutter approach that simply doesn’t work.

Until I found that every business is unique and these strategies need tailoring to what you do…

That’s why I do what I do…

Because I don’t like seeing people stuck.

And they get stuck in 3 places…

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