Systematize and Automate Everything So That Your Business Grows Without You

Done For You Implementation Program to Automate Your Lead Nurturing, Improve Sales Pipeline Visibility and Scale your Sales & Marketing

Hi, I'm Jorge Gasca. And I Saw A Problem...

Marketing and processes automation is not as challenging as you may think, all you need is to follow the right steps and have the right systems to support your business strategy and journey.

Some of the excuses we hear when talking about systems  & marketing automation:

“It’s too much work. I don’t have the time.”
“There’s way too much technical stuff involved.”
“I don’t really need it for my market.”
“I don’t want to bother people.”
“I need to get my business off the ground first.”
“I don’t know anyone who has visited my website or signs up to work with me from it.”
"I am not tech-savvy"

If any of these excuses sounds remotely like you, then throw away those excuses immediately.

The reality is… You have valuable business and information people want and need to hear and using systems is the easiest and most cost effective way to communicate and deliver that information.

Plus, systems are made to free up your time. So, you won't be wearing so many hats.

MY MISSION is to help you design and implement a PROACTIVE RESPONSE SYSTEM that drives your business 24/7.

AND this is the whole focus of Three Steps Business. 


Automation takes time, though we’ve mastered the process and we know what needs to be done. 
This is a Done For You Program Designed to Create a System that provides Better Quality Leads, Sales Pipeline Visibility and Scalability of your Sales & Marketing within 6 months going over 6 major modules.

After 90 Days on this Program, You will…


Be confident about systems and have an in-depth understanding of how marketing automation works


Have more time as a result of automating many of the tasks on your current to-do list


Have consistent and effective email marketing campaign


Have control and visibility over your sales process with a centralised CRM system

How it Works


We’ll help you with your plan, writing the sales copy, writing the emails, segmenting the database, qualifying clients, and automating as much of your sales and marketing as possible.


We’ll work together creating powerful follow up sequences that turn leads into customers.


We’ll create another others that turns customers into repeat buyers


And finally, we’ll hand over a perfectly detailed plan to our tech team and let them do all the “tech stuff” for you.


Because let’s face it. The money’s in marketing and selling your products …not in slaving over complicated computer code for days on end …trying to “tie it all together”.

This implementation program follows a personalised version of our signature framework

MODULE 1: Setting Up the Foundations

During the first month, we'll cover the basics and setting up your technology platforms and the basic automations to get your marketing automation system running.

MODULE 2: Creating Nurturing Systems that Keep Your Contacts Engaged

Based on the plan and basics from the foundations we'll write your nurturing sequences.

MODULE 3: Setting up a Fool Proof Sales System

Learn how to use the Deals System in ActiveCampaign as a Tracking Switchboard that you can do yourself or delegate to someone else.

MODULE 4: Creating Automated Exceptional Customer Experiences

Learn how to design and set up automated welcome system that keeps your contact engaged while you work with them.

MODULE 5: Creating Automated Feedback & Referral Opportunities

We'll set up your automated feedback system in a way that it will be easy to see those that are engaged and uncovering referral opportunities.

MODULE 6: Creating Attraction Systems

Your system will be ready to scale. We'll connect any lead magnet you have in your business and we'll ensure the value that you have to offer from those is clearly communicated through your emails.

What EXACTLY you get access to?

The TSB Automation Mastery Framework

You’ll get access the framework we’ve used consistently to help other businesses save hours of their day.

Progress Calls

We’ll have a progress call in which you’ll know where your project is at and if we need any input from you.

Access to Expert help from our support team

We’ll help you get on with your business ASAP, helping you when you get stuck while not having to wait for contractors that don’t know what they are doing. You sent it through, we’ll critique and help you fix it if necessary!

In-depth planning Calls

We’ll work together create a strategy that works for you and your business and we will show you the easy way to get it done.

Formulas and Worksheets

We provide a shortcut. We’ve got formulas and worksheets you can use to get started fast!

Members Area

In the member’s area we not only have a place where all our recorded calls are added in, but also a place to find support.

Praise From Our Clients

Jorge & the TSB Team help creating a system that has been a huge help for our workload and efficiency in the office! Thank you for your patience and professionalism!

Christien Johnson

Jorge and his team did a great job setting up the automation for my business. At one stage I was dragging my feet with some info he needed so he came to my office, sat with me, and we got it done. I have referred him to my clients who have also found the way he does business to be excellent. Thank you Jorge. My business and communication with my clients runs better because you are part of our support team.

Incredible company, team and founder to work with. Nothing ever a seems to be too much hassle, and my automation would not be where it is without Jorge and his team. If you need automation implementation, TSB is your go to team. Highly recommended.

Terry Tran

Thanks to Jorge and the team. I couldn't have automated my email messages without you. This has been on my to-do list for a long time and you made it happen without the headaches. Happy to recommend your services to others.

Clea Sherman

We engaged Jorge and the team at Three Steps Business to help us build our database management processes and email marketing capability. During our time working together we saw a 20% increase in sales which I feel we could attribute to the email marketing activity introduced by the team. Jorge and the team come with great knowledge of their industry and dispatch these skills efficiently. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their services

Kalen Ziflian

Three Steps Business have boosted our profits by helping us greatly enhance our web presence, develop highly effective content marketing campaigns and improve our ability to manage the sales pipeline. Along the way, they have been very easy to deal with at every stage. I would recommend Three Steps Business to any ambitious business seeking to expand their marketing capacity and streamline operations.

Andrew Doherty

Jorge and his team are professional and bring value to the work he does for his clients -- beyond what they initially ask for. In addition to the tactical work of setting up ActiveCampaign, Jorge will help you develop a strategy so you can maximize what AC can do for you.

Kelly Patchet

Jorge and his team created systems to automate areas of my business so I can now focus on lead generation and consultation with serious clients. Jorge has a wealth of technical knowledge that has kept me up to speed with apps and widgets to integrate. He has also helped me dial in my products and pricing. Jorge has kept me on track and I am grateful for his devotion, positive attitude, expertise and skill!

Rachel Prince Coach

Jorge and the team have a deep understanding of Active Campaign and are able to implement it efficiently across other systems such as WordPress. Jorge provided great strategy around nurture sequences, auto-responders, event reminders, really helping our processes.

Lewis Bulley



Great for companies looking to a commitment to automation, growth and scale.

What’s Included

Personalized In-Depth Workflows & Strategy

1:1 Access to Experts

1:1 Progress Sessions

All Technical Support Access (Done 4 You)

Email Copywriting Access (Done 4 You)

Team Training and Support

Access to the Academy Members Area with Call recording Online Courses, Worksheets and more

Great Reasons Why Getting Started Today


If you are tired of chasing your tail with marketing automation and most importantly you want to make it happen.


If you are tired of doing it on your own, you know this is not your main business and you feel your system can do better if someone can tell you where the gaps are.


If you have a system but you are not entirely sure what it's doing and if it's working or not. We will not only teach you how to get the most out of it but how to understand it and learn the system overall.


We'll give you formulas that you can import and plug and play to get started fast! In fact, we can set those up for you!


We will spend time with you getting it right and helping you fit the process to your business; this is a personalised program NOT a cookie cutter DIY platform.


We can get you started in the right path, you can leverage tricks we've learnt over sending campaigns to over 1 Million people.


We get you and your business. Our campaigns are read by over 300,000 people a week!


We give you a shortcut! We've got formulas and worksheets you can use to get started fast!


Get Expert Help, We'll help you get it done ASAP!

LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE  – If all spots are all taken you will be added to a waitlist. To avoid disappointment apply as soon as possible.

Who is this for?

Services Businesses ready to scale, anyone who sells professional services on a conversation, such as, consultants, coaches or accountants.

Our best results have come from clients that work directly with people, run sales calls, webinars and events and those selling productised services.

This program is best for those looking for strategy, structure, simplicity and quality rather than a task based team providing standard help.

We’ll work together towards an outcome, we’ll give you the support required but you are the one who makes things happen.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time commitment?

The program is designed to be delivered over 12 months. Though, we can determine where you are at during your application call.

Is Done For You, Do I need to be involved? How much time do I need to commit to this?

We can't do this without you! You are the expert on your business and we need you around. You'll need roughly 2 hours a week during the first month. From there onwards, 1 hour or so a week.

Do I talk to someone, How many calls do I have access to?

As a member, during the on-ramp (6-8 weeks) stage we will meet up weekly to get things up and running and all the information we may need from you. From there, we will setup progress meetings as we go as well as a monthly strategy session.  You'll have plenty of access to us.

I know I want to get this done but I'm not great with technology... Is that okay?

You need an understanding of it. Though the training is designed to teach you the frameworks, you can choose to use The Team as your tech support help. We'll point you in the right direction when needed.

Are our calls recorded?

Yes! All our calls are recorded and placed in the members area for easy access. Remember, you have access to this for 12 months to the members area.

What if this is too basic for me? I already understand the concept and have a few things set up.

Awesome! That's what the Discovery Call before we start and our On-Ramp call at the beginning of the progject are for. We'll work on your specific issues and progress. We do understand people are on different journeys.

What is included in your copywriting services?

We include the email copywriting, we plan the nurturing sequences for you, though we don't write the blogs that may be required as part of the nurturing. Our focus is writing persuasive emails that drive traffic to you content or specific call to action.

We do include landing pages copywriting.

I don't need copywriting, can we exclude this from the inclusions?

No, we always include copywriting, even when you are using an external copywriter we do a review to make sure this aligns the strategy we are working towards.

Do you setup my landing pages?

Yes, depending on the system you use, if we support it we will include this as part of our technical team expertise.

Does this include website maintenance and changes?

We will for sure suggest ways in which you could increase conversions and numbers in your database, we will definitely make changes in forms and entry points according to your requirements. Though, once we have a chat we can determine if we can do ongoing website maintenance, though this is an optional item.

Do you include integrations with other systems?

Yes, we do. If there's a commercial app that we can use this will be supported. We can also develop custom APIs if required, though this is out of the scope of this program.

I don't want to setup everything in the 6 modules, is this for me?

This is a personalised version of the framework. If there are sections we don't want to put in place or if you are doing something different we can look into options. Let's chat.

I already have a strategy I want implemented, Will this program help?

We can definitely work through the program alongside your strategy and fill-in the gaps. If you are not looking for advise but more for some tech help, I'd suggest you check our support packages

How much does this cost?

The program is paid over 12 months. The cost of the program starts from $2,200/Month. The technology setup and systems integrations are Done for You, we even include the copywriting.

When not in calls, how do I communicate with the team?

We have a dedicated Slack channel, if you are not familiar with Slack this is a collaboration tool, almost like a live chat. Other than that we are mostly email based, we have a ticketing system where everything is tracked. You'll be introduced to it once you are in.

Can I join anytime?

We have specific starts on every single month which is normally on the 1st of the month or the 15th of the month. Unfortunately, we can't help everyone at the same time so we limit the number of clients we work with on this program to a maximum of 8. If you are interested, let's start the conversation.


I don't want you to waste another minute trying to figure out how marketing automation works. Let's get you into the Fast Lane Now.