Keyword Research Comparison

by Jorge Gasca

Did you know that every word you put in the contents of your online postings is important? Keywords are essential especially if you are selling products or services online. There are six sites that can actually help you boost your postings by knowing how much traffic your keyword causes.


1. WordTracker

The first site is called WordTracker. WordTracker has a monthly fee that is $27 to $99 monthly. It also has lots of keyword suggestions for you. It also allows you to export or download reporting about the keyword. It is also capable of using local focused research tools. Another good thing that it does is that it actually helps search competitors for your chosen keyword. This site allows you to search images, recipes, videos, news, and etc. It also provides you with other suggestions that can help you with your postings.


2. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free site that can help you with your postings, but you have to sign up for AdWords Account. It can also give you keyword suggestions, but these are only limited. It does not limit you in exporting or downloading reports about your keywords. It also allows local focused research tools, but with limited access. Searching competitors is also possible, but again, with limited access. Search results that are images, videos, recipes, news, and etc. is not allowed but there are suggestions as long as it is related to your keywords.


3. Market Samurai

The next site is Market Samurai. The cost ranges from free to $149. It also has a lot of exceptional keyword suggestions with the possibility of downloading the results. Unlike Google Keyword Planner, Market Samurai has an exceptional local focused research tools and with an extensive search for possible competitors. But this site does not allow searching of images and videos, but it gives lots of other suggestions that are related to the topic.


4. SEMRush

SEMRush is also a much known site that helps with your keywords. This site costs from $69.95 to $499 per month, depending on your custom plan. It has exceptional keyword suggestions and local focused research tools, and branded reports that can be downloaded or exported. Extensive research on potential competitors is also performed by this site. It also shows search results that are closely related to the keyword given, but it does not allow searching of images, videos, recipes, news, and many others.


5. Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery can be considered as one of the most costly in this type of site. It costs $199.95 to $495 per month, or $1,895 to $4,572 annually. It may cost a lot but it also does an exceptional task with keyword suggestions. It also allows downloading term reports, lists, and industry keywords. It also has a local focused research tools and has an excellent research skills when it comes to competitors. Other suggestions is also exceptional. For example, if you misspelled a word, it will still give you the possible search results for this word. But this site does not allow searching of pictures, videos, audios, and many other files.


6. UberSuggest

The last on the list is UberSuggest. This one is free, but it still gives a lot of keyword suggestions. It also allows you to copy and paste your desired results for it to be printed. It also allows you to search competitors, as well as images, videos, etc. But this site does not have local focused research tools. It also does not have the “other suggestions” section.



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