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How it Works

We’ll look into your ActiveCampaign account, uncover opportunities and create an action plan to move forward.

We’ll look into the sales process, the sales goals, the data, the segmentation of your database and create a priority list to automate as much as possible.

We’ll work together creating powerful system that works for you! From the Attraction level to Retention.

Because let’s face it. Getting marketing automation right can give you a huge competitive advantage.

We are here to help you moving forward, to remove roadblocks and put in place an automation strategy that increases your confidence using ActiveCampaign and automation.

Please select one of the below choices

Single Workshop


Great for ActiveCampaign Audits OR Laser Focused Training Sessions

Detail of Inclusions

ActiveCampaign Audit

2 Hrs of an ActiveCampaign & Marketing Automation Expert dedicated for you and your team. 

Scope to be covered during this session is tailored and agreed upon prior the workshop. 

National Travel is NOT included.

The Blueprint


Great for Strategy Sessions and Training Sessions

Detail of Inclusions

ActiveCampaign Audit

An ActiveCampaign & Marketing Automation Expert dedicated for you and your team for a 2 x 90 minutes sessions)

Scope to be covered during this session is tailored and agreed upon prior the workshop. 

National Travel is not included.

On-Site Intensive


Great for those looking for a mix of Strategy, Consulting & Implementation

Detail of Inclusions

ActiveCampaign Audit

National Travel is included to major cities only
1 Full days together with an ActiveCampaign Expert (9-5PM)

How would this look like:

ActiveCampaign overview, Workflows mapping, and Quick-wins plan 

Scope to be covered during this session is tailored and agreed upon prior the workshop. 

 National Travel is not included.

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Our Approach

STEP 1: Evaluating & Setting Up the Foundations

We’ll get to understand your business goals. We’ll cover the basics and setting up your technology platforms and the basic automations to get your marketing automation system running.

STEP 2: Creating Nurturing Systems that Keep Your Contacts Engaged

Based on the plan from Module 2 you’ll learn How To Write a High-Converting Strategic Autoresponder Email Series with an outcome in mind.

STEP 3: Reviewing Your Sales System

Are you using the CRM from ActiveCampaign if not? Why not? Learn how to use the Deals System in ActiveCampaign as a Tracking Switchboard that you can do yourself or delegate to someone else. 

STEP 4: Creating Automated Exceptional Customer Experiences

We’ll evaluate, teach and set up automated welcome system that keeps your contact engaged while you work with them.

STEP 5: Creating Automated Feedback & Referral Opportunities

We’ll set up your automated feedback system in a way that it will be easy to see those that are engaged and uncovering referral opportunities.

STEP 6: Creating Attraction Systems

Your system will be ready to scale. We’ll connect any lead magnet you have in your business and we’ll ensure the value that you have to offer from those is clearly communicated through your emails.

This implementation program follows a personalised version of our signature framework

Try Us Risk-Free For 14 Days

Try us for the first 14 days, if the program doesn’t deliver on what you expect and after you have implemented the first two projects and hings are not going according to plan we’ll give you a refund, no questions asked.

6 Reasons Why Trusting Us with Your Account

We can get you started on the right path, you can leverage tricks we’ve learnt since 2013 of working in Marketing automation.

We have worked with a variety of businesses and have seen pretty much every setup that you can imagine within the platform.

ActiveCampaign is a tool that used effectively will save you precious time. You don't need to d=figure it all out alone. We are here to share what we already know!

We will not only help you when required, but we will help you to understand and learn the system overall.

We give you a shortcut. We’ve got formulas and worksheets you can use to get started fast!

You can count on us being experts at what we do because ActiveCampaign is our sole focus and we don't get distracted with shiny objects or trying to learn other platforms.

Why Working With Us?

1. Your results are my results.

I will help you grow your business like if it was mine. I will hold you accountable on every step and actions so we can achieve your goals together. There’s nothing wrong if you think we are not compatible. The same principle applies with other professional services. You may not be compatible with every accountant, lawyer, contractor, plumber, hairdresser, mechanic or web-designer.

2. We are objective

You have family and friends that love you and they may think that any work you do is awesome, but you are generally getting a subjective opinion. I would be able to objectively prepare you for business planning, getting better organized and create strategies that work.

3. We are experts at what we do

The Internet world has given us the blessing of accessing information whenever we face an issue in our business. But, if you have not been trained on finding the gaps you will treat the symptoms and not the disease.

For example, if your sink needed fixing and you had no idea how to fix it, would you hire a plumber to fix your sink? Hopefully! A plumber is paid to do something with specific measurable results: fix your sink. If your business automation needs fixing, what would you do? Get someone who can find the gaps, work and guide you to get a business that thrives and that you love.

4. We don't focus just on Marketing

We look at your sales processes, including sales follow up, task management, content delivery and contact management. When we automate these processes we increase customer engagement while building efficiency, consistency and rigour into your sales operations.

5. We become part of your team.

We become an extension of your team. Unlike other consultants, we won’t disappear over the horizon at the conclusion of the project. We live or die by your results, so we’ll continue to manage the process so you have time to get on with your core business.

6. We translate your vision into action.

The range of automation options out there can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not ‘techy’. This is where we can help; we bridge the knowledge gap between the outcomes you need and the technology we use to get you there.



Happy customers.

"We now have automated processes which allows our client to follow the system which is the solution. This saves everyone hassle and time because it's a uniformed process."

Jack Milling

InXpress North Shore

"Jorge and the team at TSB not only have a handle on the mechanics of ActiveCampaign and automation - but understand that what it's really about it is selling and a better user experience. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with him."

Kelly Patchet
Quarter Back Digital

"Jorge and his team created systems to automate areas of my business so I can now focus on lead generation and consultation with serious clients. Jorge has a wealth of technical knowledge that has kept me up to speed with apps and widgets to integrate. He has also helped me dial in my products and pricing. Jorge has kept me on track and I am grateful for his devotion, positive attitude, expertise and skill!"

Rachel Prince

"Three Steps Business have boosted our profits by helping us greatly improve our ability to manage the sales pipeline. I would recommend Three Steps Business to any ambitious business seeking to expand their marketing capacity and streamline operations."

Andrew Doherty

" Jorge and his team did a great job setting up the automation for my business. At one stage I was dragging my feet with some info he needed so he came to my office, sat with me, and we got it done."

Iven Frangi
Customer Experience Expert

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