The Top 6 Ad Tracking Software [Comparison]

by Jorge Gasca

One of the most important things to do when you have an online business  is to track your links.

How do you track links?—You  do  it with an ad tracking software program.

As with most things these days, there are thousands of programs to choose from. So how do you choose the right one?—narrow your pool.

Here are the Top 6 Ad Tracking Software Programs currently available.


1. LinkTrackr

LinkTrackr is  a cloud-hosted, fee-based tracking program with prices ranging from $9 – $60 per month. They offer a limited free, 30-day trial for their service but know some of the features will be disabled as they are considered “pay only.”

What can LinkTrackr do? It can track conversions, sales, leads, and advertisements, as well as provide individual reporting for disparate ad campaigns. It can also split test, accommodate link shortening/customisation and orchestrate campaign set-ups. If you’re looking for a drawback, it’s this: LinkTrackr cannot perform any  scheduling.


2. Bitly

Bitly is a free, cloud-based tracking software available for those looking to cut down on costs. It can track different links and clicks but does not report on said tracking—seeing the results requires manually looking up the records. Bitly cannot be used for scheduling, split testing or campaign setup, but it is capable of link shortening and customization…so there’s that at least.


3. Ad Trackz Gold

As a fee-based tracking program the functionality on Ad Trackz Gold  is actually pretty good.  It tracks links, clicks, actions, and sales. It also reports on revenue, profit, ROI, and more. Like LinkTrackr and Bitly, Ad Trackz Gold is cannot schedule, but it can  split test, shorten and customise links, and run a campaign and sub-campaign set up. After the free trial expires, expect to pay up to $27 a month for a subscription.


4. Pretty Link Pro

A paid tool, Pretty Link Pro  ranges in cost from $37 – $97. Unlike many other software programs Pretty Link doesn’t offer a free trial, so there’s no way to try it without buying it.

As far as functionality is concerned, this tracker regularly reports on conversions and clicks. It also has some basic automation allowing for scheduling, in conjunction with split testing, link shortening and campaign set-up.  If you’re wondering whether this tracker is self-hosted or cloud hosted,  it uses WordPress Plugins.


5. AdWatcher

The second to last software is called AdWatcher which costs $449.55 for a one year subscription. For those not interested in a full year of usage, other pricing models are available. You can also use the trial version of this product to test it before you buy it.

AdWatcher tracks  click fraud and ads, while simultaneously reporting on metrics like cost and profit. Use it to schedule, split test, customise links and set-up campaigns.  This tracker comes self-hosted or cloud-hosted.


6. AdMinder

Last but not least, we finally get to AdMinder, which costs $19.95 per month for use of its cloud-based service. Unlike Pretty Link Pro, AdMinder does have a free, trial version of this tracker available for download. AdMinder tracks actions including clicks, sales, downloads, subscribers, and more. It also regularly reports CPC and ROI among other things.

Unfortunately, this tracker is not capable of setting up a schedule, link shortening or split testing, but it is capable of setting up campaigns and sub-campaigns.


Final Word

Though the easiest tracker to get a hold of is Bitly, Pretty Link Pro is—dollar for dollar—the best program. Its diverse functionality and analytic data make it, in my mind, the hand’s down winner.


What are your thoughts on  Ad Tracking Software? Reach out to us in the comments section



Ad Tracking Software Comparison




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