About Three Steps Business

Our Mission

Three Steps Business was founded by Jorge Gasca who since early age understood the value of entrepreneurs in the world. Three Steps Business was born from Jorge’s obsession to create better and more efficient processes. This with only one intention, automate them to amplify the impact of businesses in the world.

Jorge Gasca

Jorge Gasca

Marketing Automation Specialist

Founded by Jorge Gasca, Three Steps Business was a product of his obsession for creating better and more efficient processes. Jorge has always been fascinated by how business works and by the age of 12 he’d already established his first micro-business. The natural conclusion of these two passions was marketing automation with the goal of scaling and amplifying the impact of small businesses in the community. Jorge developed Three Step Business to enables companies to succeed in the digital space with simple, executable process that improves their overall operational efficiency and results.

Our Process

Step 1: Plan

Firstly we brainstorm the current situation and build a plan to meet your required objectives and outcomes.

Step 2: Create

Tailor the customer journey, create content and assets to attract, nurture, convert and retain your customers. 

Step 3: Promote

Promoting your content through your channels and integrating with your digital platforms.

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